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1 Ubi Crescent #04-01
Number One Building
Singapore 408563
Tel: 65-6744 8676
Fax:65-6744 8673
1 Ubi Crescent #04-01
Number One Building
Singapore 408563
Tel: 65-6744 8676
Fax:65-6744 8673


Ozone (O) is generated by the splitting of Oxygen (O). One atom from ozone then splits off to oxidize the pollutant leaving behind pure oxygen once again. As ozone is unstable and has only -hour life, whatever ozone that remains reverts back to oxygen after that leaving behind fresh air.

Ozone not only disinfects and sanitizes the air but also surfaces, including inaccessible areas like the air-conditioner evaporator in your vehicle. Vironizer 8008 Automobile Bacteria Neutralizer is especially useful in new cars for removing formaldehyde which is harmful to health.

It also removes unpleasant odours originating from tobacco, durians, food, etc., Examples of pollutants that are effectively removed by ozone are:

Cigarette Smoke
Acid Odours
Gases / Fumes
Odour from decaying substances
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Air is drawn in by the fan incorporated inside the unit and is passed through the UVC lamp which sterilizes the air. The clean air which by this time is charged with ozone, is discharged.
Test Results
Tested under normal driving condition, bacteria count in vehicle before the unit was plugged in was 75 counts. After the Vironizer 8008 was plugged in and vehicle driven for 1 hour, bacteria count was zero. (Bacteria count conducted by PSB)
View Test report HERE
Ozone level : below 0.05 ppm (in compliance with the Clean Air Act)
Compared to many ozone generators available  Vironizer 8008 does not leave residue of Nitrogen Oxide which is harmful to health. This unit is maintenance-free and the lamp life span is up to 20,000 hours with proper usage.


  1. Ensure unit is used only in vehicles running on 12V DC batteries;
  2. Plug into the cigarette lighter point using cord provided;
  3. If unit is plugged in during continuous driving of 2-3 hours, ventilate the vehicle 2-3 times.

WARNING: Avoid exposure to direct or strongly reflected germicidal ultraviolet rays. Germicidal ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes and skin.
Product intended for indoor use only, equipment should be protected from the elements and from temperatures above 50C & below freezing.
Keep inlet and outlet vents clean and clear of debris.
Do not operate if power cord or plug is damaged.

One year against manufacturing defects. Warranty void if the unit is tampered with or used inappropriately. Warranty claim must be accompanied by purchase receipt.


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