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Ozone Levels in Healthy and Unhealthy Environments :
In most unhealthy indoor environments, the Ozone level is virtually zero. Vironizer is a source of Ozone. In addition to being beneficial to your health when occurring at proper levels, they are highly effective at removing particles and contaminants from the air, which results in a much healthier environment by itself.

The EPA advises us that indoor air pollution is the worst environmental health problem, even 2 to 10 times as bad as outdoor air pollution. In addition, most people spend well over 90% of their time inside, making clean indoor air even more important for our health.

Fortunately, Ozone can remove particles as small as 0.01 microns. This allows removal of pollutants that air filters cannot e.g. bacteria, chemicals, fumes, fine dust, viruses, etc.

"Factors to consider with Ozone Air Purifiers"
1. Nitrogen Oxides
Safe Ozone Levels
Adjustability and Air Flow
4. The Smell of Ozone

5. Applications Other Than Air
1. Nitrogen Oxides
Ozone purifiers that use Lamps do not produce nitrogen oxides at all.

2. Safe Ozone Levels
The Singapore's Clean Air Act,
FDA and OSHA standards for Ozone in indoor environment is 0.05 ppm. Lamp purifiers produce minimal amounts of Ozone. You can get a much better idea of the Ozone level in the room just by the smell of the Ozone. At levels between 0.05 and 0.1 ppm, it can be almost intolerable.

3. Adjustability and Air Flow
It is also advantageous to find ways to increase air circulation e.g. keeping doors open,
keeping the unit nearby a vent, or running a ceiling fan.

4. The Smell of Ozone
At lower levels, it can be very subtle or virtually non-existent. At these concentrations,
it often has a fresh and natural scent to it, much like the scent in the air after a thunderstorm. The smell of Ozone serves as an indicator of when concentrations may be approaching even minimally harmful levels. Despite the fact that most people become de-sensitised to the smell of Ozone over time, the smell of Ozone will easily give it away if it gets anywhere near 0.1 ppm, since the smell would be more than overpowering. It takes long term exposure at high levels (close to or around 0.1 ppm) to inflict any harm. Even if the Ozone concentration were to reach a dangerously high level, there would be plenty of time to turn off the Ozone air purifier and air out the area. Ozone molecules has only half hour life - reverting back to Oxygen molecules in approximately 20-30 minutes once produced.

5. Applications Other Than Air
Ozone has proven to be an effective alternative for chemicals in water supplies throughout the world. It is used as a water purification agent in hundreds of municipal water treatment plants throughout the U.S., and many more throughout the world (particularly in Europe).

Ozone does not produce carcinogenic by-products like chlorine and other chemicals, and is actually more effective at destroying micro-organisms in water.


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